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Two Beautiful Locations

One with a private beach area. One with a private swimming pool.

Info and images are below...


Private Swimming Pool

Great for a poolside lunch

Clean Accomodations

Perfect for groups of all sizes.


Everything You Need including transportation, meals, and guide.

The Meko Experience Fly Fishing and spa has distinct locations right here on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama. Our most visited locations are situated on a canal front property or on a beach front property located in East End Grand Bahama. All locations are beautiful luxurious accommodations where, which affords you the opportunity to connect with our locals. 


Our Western location is situated right on our amazing water way that is only about 10 to 15 minutes from the international airport, which allows boats to take off right from the immediate docking area; giving you access to the northwest side of the island and the southwest side of the island. Depending on the direction of the wind and weather conditions, we also have the flexibility to trailer to other grounds if necessary. 


  This west location is exclusive because of its unique placement. This is a brand new building facility with a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. If I might add, the Spa just sets if off especially for our guests after a long day. 

This location truly gives a unique opportunity for pure fly fishers but also families, business groups, or just a group of friends. This location also gives you the unique ability to customize your trip to see and learn more about the western end of the island.


We can accommodate up to fourteen (14) guests at our western location if anticipated. However, the boating capacity can facilitate 6 to 8 guests comfortably which is equivalent to 3 to 4 skiffs, which is super. You can learn about our other services that we offer to make your trip special. I will reiterate once more, “you pay for the experience.” The pool and is another amazing feature at this quaint location which adds more zest for Spa treatments and Relaxation. 


If there are groups that need more than four guides, we will have other great guides on standby.


Words cannot explain, this is something you will have to see!


  Eastern Location


Listen, listen, listen! This location is dreamy, and I will put your fantasies of a grand location at rest by making your dreams a reality.


 Our Eastern location is incredibly unique, as it sits close to the most exceptional bone fishing and permit fishing sites on this side of heaven. The locations in this area are remarkably close to the Northeast shore where we hunt big Bones. These are the factors that sets this apart from the rest:


  • It has miles and miles of water that is not overfished

  • The trailer ride from this location to the north side would be worth it 

  • It is thirty (30) minutes closer to fishing grounds

  • Once the weather permits, we can have a sail cay experience that gives us an opportunity to nail the grand slam which is almost impossible here on island



This location is special to Meko, as it only a 15 minute trailer ride to his old stomping grounds Deep Water Cay Club and his hometown Mc Cleans Town, waters that he grew up in and spent 17 years guiding out of deep water cay before spending 7 to 8 years at North Riding Point Club.


    This location allows us to still be able to fish the most beautiful flats in the world and hunt the biggest world record permit in the world. There is so much me and my guides can do from our unique locations. 


I did not mention how our EAST location is sitting on the south side on miles and miles and miles of untouched beach and a never-ending view of beautiful water sky and sand where you can start finding shells at your doorstep, wonderful birdlife, and just a wonderful eco-friendly environment. There is more you can do in our East location; we have kayaks and paddle board and other beach stuff for if we are catering to families, the kids will love the beach. We also have a sand trap where you can practice your golf game right at the cottage on the beach.


There are things to do and see if you wish to explore your options. This EAST location is a nice cottage by itself on the south end side of Grand Bahama on miles and miles of beaches. The cottage is a three bedroom four bathroom, it sleeps up to 6 people at one location and up to 8 people at another, which is ideal for families or groups of friends that love to travel together.

   Let me add the two rooms can be private rooms with their own outside doors and their own bathroom if you want your privacy so we can also sell them as three private rooms. 

  All locations have full city power clean water air conditioning hot water Wi-Fi which free and satellite so you can watch all your sports news movies or whatever. The EAST property even has a backup solar system that if the power goes off the yard and inside will have lights.

   Both our EAST & WEST locations are secure, they have security. 

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