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   Meet the Meko Experience Dream Team

Bonefish Guides


  • Stanley is also known as Stan da man, my father has well over 46 years of guiding experience, twenty of which started at Deep Water Cay and the other twenty-six were spent at North Riding Point Club. With all the experience and love he still has for the sport; it will add more guiding years in his tank, and I am happy to be collaborating with my father again. He has an amazing legacy and history.


  • David Tate also known as Dave is the full package. He has been guiding for at least fifteen-plus years. David started at Deep Water Cay Club just like every other guide mentioned here. He went to Abaco Bonefish Lodge and became the head guide there for years where his fame grew, and later came back to Grand Bahama and worked at Deep Water Cay, North Riding Point, and then went independent. He has now decided to work with the Meko Experience Fly fishing & Spa, and we are grateful to have him on the team. 


  • My next guide is incredible with about 20 years of guiding experience. He has worked for a variety of other bonefish lodges on the island but is now a part of the Dream team. He is a true professional, hardworking, and loves what he does. I am honored to have him as a part of The Meko experience fly fishing & Spa. 

Cooks and Housekeepers

Our staff is no stranger to this industry, most of them were the best at their position at Deep Water Cay. I must add that I am blessed beyond measure. Each staff has more than enough experience and all share one common truth. They have all served at either, Deep Water Cay Club, North Riding Point Club, or both lodges.


Ludell Glinton is Omeko’s mother. She has been employed at Deep Water Cay club for an exceptionally long time in the field of hospitality. You can guarantee that you will be taken care of with a smile and warm greeting during your stay. Mrs. Glinton holds the title of Manager as she would oversee the cooks and housekeeping staff.


Delcina McIntosh is our head cook. She will have you craving good eats at the Meko Experience Flyfishing and Spa. Delcina is well experienced, as she would have served at both North Riding Point Club and Deep Water cay Club over the years

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