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A great bonus to an unbelievable experience.

The Spa service at this location in the East is one you would always dream about. With a view facing the most beautiful beaches, hearing the waves of the ocean coming in on the sandy shores, and feeling a combination of the sea breeze and the amazing sunlight hitting your body at the same time. This exudes a sweet tranquil atmosphere.

5 Star Service

Of course your wives and daughters can take advantage of this service but just imagine this. After a long day of fly fishing and standing on the front of a skiff, you can come in and unwind with an amazing massage just before cocktail hour, and you will be ready for another amazing fishing day on the water. I know this might all sound too good to be true, but this is an ‘experience,’ only possible at The Meko Experience Fly fishing & Spa lodge.

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PHOTO-2022-08-25-19-55-36 (5).jpg

Massage Types Offered


Deep Tissue

Hot Stone



Chair or Table Available

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