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Frequently asked questions:

Do you offer full lodging services? 



Do you fish out of the West or East?

Yes, we fish at both locations.


How many guides do you have working with you? 

Three to four guides are available at this moment. We have a few others available if necessary.


What is the capacity of my lodging? 

Twelve guests, which will equate to six boats.


Can I bring my wife and kids, and have family-friendly activities available? 

Absolutely, our west location would be perfect for accommodating your entire family


What does the lodging fee cover? 

It covers everything besides drinks, and daily tips for guides, and staff.


Are your guides good?

Yes, and they have garnered a lot of experience over the years.


How far is the lodge from the airport? 

Our west location is only thirteen minutes away, and our East location is fifty to fifty-five minutes away.


Do you trailer to the fishing grounds? 

Yes, but trailering would only be needed for our east location.


Where will we be fishing? 

 This is a bit tricky but the factor that influences this decision is the condition of the weather.


Should we bring our own fishing gear?

Yes, but if you don't have any, we will have gear available for rent.

What additional services do you offer?

Please note that this company Omeko built was with its customers in mind. Listed below are our additional services offered during your stay.

Virtual/ Face-to-Face Fly-casting

Freelance Guides

Destination Weddings


How does Airport Transportation work?

All airport pick-ups and drop-offs are done by an employee of the Meko Experience Fly fishing and Spa. 

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